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Welcome to The GroveZine! Thanks for your patience this year; it's been an unusually tough one, and so the GroveZines haven't been as regular as they should be. But as with all things, life goes on, and we adapt to new circumstances. With the losses that we've experienced this year, perhaps the one constant has been The Grove. It has felt like a place of refuge, a place where we were welcome in spite of all the sorrow and loss... it's felt like home. So, onward and upward as life slowly begins to get back to normal. One part of that was having the parlor and dining room painted - it hadn't been done for quite a few years, so it needed some (as they say) tender, loving care. Everything's back to normal now, and the front rooms look beautiful.

Okay, for this issue of the GroveZine, I have a couple of visual tests for you...

Here's the first one. In this photo, you see the mud slide, with water bubbling up through it. Here's the test; is this a photo of... 1) The La Brea Tar Pits in Calforinia, where dinasours wandered in and sank to their death, only to have their bones excavated a thousand years later; 2) The Grand Prismatic Spring pool in Yellowstone National Park, where boiling water bubbles to the surface year-round; 3) The north slide view of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, where the temperature of the mud can reach 770 degrees Fahrenheit; 4) The corner of Moseley and Alley Streets, right in front of The Grove. Have you locked your anwer in? Okay, well, here's the correct answer: #4 - the corner of Moseley and Alley Streets. Yep, coming home the other day I found that there was a mud flow across Alley Street, and water was bubbling up through it in the middle of what was normally the street. It actually did remind me of Yellowstone. I turned around and went by City Hall, but they were not only aware of the problem, but had dispatched a crew to fix it. An hour later it looked like Alley Street again. But the bubbling water and mud was kind of cool, for a while anyway.

Okay, here's visual test number two. After examining this photo, what is it that you see? 1) A manifestation of ectoplasm in the kitchen of The Grove, probably brought by the supernatural visitation of a former owner; 2) A natural disaster, where the water supply of Jefferson instantly vaporized, with the foggy fumes spilling out through the faucets of the city, signalling a draught of Biblical proportions in town; 3) The 1930s kitchen sink of The Grove, put in place by Louise Young when she rennovated the house some eighty years ago, has caught fire and is smoking; 4) A friend of Mitchel & Tami's sent them some specialty meats, which were packed in dry ice. Being a kid at heart, Mitchel put the dry ice in the sink and played "horror movie" with it until it finally evaporated. Is your answer to this one locked in? Well, I hope so, and the answer is #4 - I was playing with dry ice... as one of my favorite singers Jimmy Buffet might say, "I'm growing older, but not up!"

Now for a real mystery! We were at a friend's house for dinner, and in the course of things, she mentioned that she'd gone out earlier and found a fax machine sitting in front of her house. I walked out and looked at it, and although it was odd that someone had put it there, I didn't think it was THAT crazy. Until I got back to The Grove. When we got home, I found that someone had placed a pen-and-pencil desk set out on the front steps. I couldn't help but laugh - clearly someone was distributing their office supplies around Jefferson for some strange, unknown reason. It was just another city mystery that will probably never be solved.

Lately we've had a repeat performance of one of our ghostly activities. In fact, it's something that has happened basically since we first bought The Grove a decade ago. Several times lately, ladies on the tour have complained about having the back of their calves rubbed - a few times in the den, but usually in the game room (that was the original master bedroom of the house). While some people think that it's a guy-spirit being a little fresh, we think that it could actually be animal spirits, and specifically those of cats. Louise Young, who inherited the house from her father, reportedly kept a number of felines in the house; she loved them, and they may be occasionally returning for a visit.

People often ask me, "When's the last time that you saw your mysterious man in the garden?" When they do, I have to tell them that it's been a while - I simply don't look for him anymore. I guess that we got so used to seeing him that I really didn't think anything about it. Louise Young, the school teacher that inherited the house from her father Charlie, was so bothered by the guy that she had a street light put out in the yard to keep him away. On a tour this month, a fellow that had been on the Jefferson ghost walk said that he's seen a man standing out in the garden; he snapped a photo of him with his camera, but after the flash, the man wasn't there - he also didn't show up in the photo. Was it our friend that has been seen so often? Who knows - but it's not an unusual experience here at The Grove.

Thanks so much for reading The GroveZine - I really appreciate you taking the time, and I hope that you enjoyed this issue. I'll look forward to visiting with you in the very near future!

11/25/2011 - Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Lions Park & Merchant's Open House
12/01-03/2011 - 29th Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes
12/08-10/2011 - 29th Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes
11/25/2011 - Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Lions Park
11/25/2011 - Merchant's Open House
12/01-03,08-10/2011 - 29th Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes
12/05/2011 - Jefferson's Old Fashioned Christmas Parade
12/31/2011 - Jefferson Carnegie Library New Year's Eve Dance
02/04/2012 - Krewe of Hebe “Queen Mab Ball”
02/17-19/2012 - Mardi Gras Upriver
04/07/2012 - Jefferson's City Wide Rummage Sale
04/21/2012 - Paws on the Bayou
04/20-22/2012 - Outlaw Nationals Classic & Antique Car Show
04/20-22/2012 - 10th Annual Diamond Don's National Vintage Motocross
05/03-06/2012 - Diamond Bessie Murder Trial Play
05/04-06/2012 - Battle of Port Jefferson Civil War Re-enactment
05/04-06/2012 - 65th Annual Historic Home Tours & Spring Festival
05/26/2012 - Cypress River Airport Fly-In
06/01-02/2012 - 2nd Annual Big Cypress Corvette Classic
07/04/2012 - "Jefferson Salutes America" 4th of July Celebration
07/15/2012 - Krewe of Hebe "Jefferson Heritage Triathlon"
10/06/2012 - Jefferson's City Wide Rummage Sale
10/12-14/2012 - 15th Annual Boo Run Benefit
10/21/2012 - Taste of Jefferson
10/25-27/2012 - Marion County Fair
10/27/2012 - Krewe of Hebe & Auntie Skinner's "Monster Bash"
11/09-10/2012 - Trammel's Trace Rendezvous
11/23/2012 - Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Lion's Park
11/29-30/2012 - 30th Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes
12/01,06-08/2012 - 30th Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes
12/03/2012 - Jefferson's Old Fashioned Christmas Parade

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