Welcome to the most haunted house in Texas!

In 1861, a house was built in a pecan grove in the city of Jefferson, Texas. It changed hands several times, and soon there were stories being whispered in town about the place. In fact, the third owner moved out with his family after only a few months, telling people, "We can't live there..." Every owner since has encountered the supernatural. For the first time ever, the entire story of The Grove is being told by the current owner.

In The Grove: An East Texas Haunting, you'll find...

  • A full history of the house, its former owners, and how each one was affected by the supernatural.
  • The story of the mysterious Lady in White, who has been see by several owners over the years.
  • The man in the garden wearing a dark suit, who laughs and smiles before disappearing.
  • A protective spirit with a long white beard that no owner ever encounters - he only appears when strangers approach.
...you'll read these stories and many, many more here in the pages of The Grove: An East Texas Haunting!

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