Welcome to the most haunted town in Texas!

In Haunted Jefferson by Mitchel Whitington you'll explore the brick streets and back alleys of the old riverport city, and read about the haunts that go back so many years that they've become an integral part of the fabric of Jefferson.

In this haunted examination of Jefferson, you'll find...

  • The real story behind Steven Spielberg's stay at the Excelsior House Hotel, and what caused him to leave in the middle of the night.
  • A breakdown of the individual rooms at the Jefferson Hotel, and the ghostly things that have happened in them.
  • How the author believes the curse of Jay Gould still rests on the East Texas Town of Jefferson today.
  • Untold tales of Jefferson haunts - ghost stories that you'll hear for the very first time.
...you'll read these stories and many, many more here in the pages of Haunted Jefferson!

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