Come along with author Mitchel Whitington and explore the history and mysteries of the fascinating city of Hot Springs. Inside you will find many of the city's most intriguing tales...

  • The history of the Indians who met in the valley to enjoy the hot springs, declaring a peace among everyone who entered, no matter how they fought once they left.
  • Legends of the gangsters and crime bosses who proudly walked the streets of Hot Springs: Owney Madden, George "Bugs" Moran, Bonnie and Clyde, Meyer "The Accountant" Lansky, and Al Capone himself.
  • The secrets of the underground tunnels - which do exist - but were not used as all the wild tales insist.
  • The Hot Springs Gunfight of 1899... the participants may shock you.
  • A night at the famous Vapors Club and the headliners that performed there.
  • The Great Airship Mystery of 1897 - a UFO mystery from over a hundred years ago.'ll read these stories and many, many more here in the pages of Hot Springs: The History and Mystery of the City of Healing Waters!

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