Come visit the historic old riverport of Jefferson, Texas. Inside you will find many of the city's most intriguing tales...
  • Legends of the old riverport days - gunfighters, ship captains, merchants, and a tainted angel named Diamond Bessie whose murder became the most famous national trial of the day.
  • Jefferson during the Civil War, with its pivotal role as a shipping port and the soldiers that mustered out here. Carpetbagger times followed, including the infamous Stockade Trial, and are part of this chapter in the city's past.
  • The story of the Caddo Indians, the region's first inhabitants, including their culture, lifestyle, and ultimate fate. You'll also learn about the mysterious Blue Lady who astrally visited them while sequestered inside a convent in Spain.
  • Some of Jefferson's most colorful characters: Vernon Dalhart, the singing cowboy; Clarence Braden, who hoarded a fortune that may not have been completely discovered; and many, many others.
  • And finally, the rebirth of the town, with its transition from a bustling riverport to the quaint, historical bed & breakfast community that exists today.'ll read these stories and many, many more here in the pages of Jefferson: The History and Mystery of the City on the Bayou!

The book is $17.95, and is a 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback, with 260 pages
and 150 B&W photos of Jefferson history, mystery, and downright fun!

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