You will learn the true story of the Kahn Saloon Hotel, and why it is so haunted.
Never before has such an extensive exploration into the history of the building been attempted, starting back with the original construction of the building in 1865 and exploring its sordid history all the way up to current day.

This book weaves the history of the old place, that includes many shocking things that will help you personally understand the hauntings.
For the very first time, a complete history of the Kahn Saloon Hotel has been assembled, from its rough and rowdy days as a saloon, to its time as a bordello, and even its stint as a funeral parlor. It's all presented to you with photos and illustrations - a first-hand peek into the dark past of the Kahn.

These aren't tall tales, but actual, documented facts... some of which may be a bit disturbing.
The building was a meeting place for the Klan, the site of a number of hangings and murders, and was once owned by a disciple of Satan... all that, and guess what... you can sleep there!

You can own the book and learn the secrets of the Kahn, but this is a very limited offering.
This book is not available from Amazon or any other book store. It can be purchased at the Kahn Saloon Hotel, or right here for $15.95 with free shipping. Just click the button to order The Haunts & History of the Kahn Saloon Hotel today!

96-page Trade Paperback, with approx. 100 b&w photos & illustrations to accompany the fascinating story of the Kahn!