This new book by Mitchel Whitington is the essential guide that you'll need when visiting Oakwood Cemetery. It's full of information that you'll find fascinating. For example...

Do you know what the following tombstone symbols mean?

In Angels of Oakwood, you'll learn about these and more - and you'll see them as you walk through the pathways of the cemetery. These are universal symbols from days gone by, though, and the knowledge will be just as useful as you visit other old cemeteries around the country.

There are also many extremely interesting people buried in Oakwood. In Angels of Oakwood, you'll read many of their stories...

One of Texas' most notorious outlaws, killed by his father-in-law with poisoned whiskey and ribs.
General Lee's favorite Confederate Spy, who lived a "James Bond" life, and once escaped capture by hiding under a lady's hoop skirt and petticoat... while she was wearing them!
One of Oakwood's mysteries - an unknown lady whose headstone inscription is only "written in heaven".

...and many more tales from Oakwood's famous inhabitants. A map in the book shows you how to find their graves so that you can visit them for yourself.

You'll also see some of Oakwood's most interesting ironwork...

... all relics from a bygone era.

Finally, you'll read tombstone epitaphs recorded from Oakwood...

"She was too good, too gentle and fair,
to dwell in this cold world of care."

"Though after death,
Worms destroy this body,
Yet in my flesh,
I shall see God."

...some are sad, others are whimsical, but all were meant to reflect the life of the persons buried in Oakwood.

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