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A Guided Tour through one of the historical - and haunted - homes from Jefferson`s past...

Join us for an hour-long excursion into the historic old home that has been called "the most haunted house in Jefferson".

You'll hear the fascinating history of this 1861 house, along with the true supernatural experiences of the owners, past and present.

Sit in the front parlor, and follow the footsteps of the mysterious Lady in White.

Tour Information:
The Grove
405 Moseley St.
Jefferson, Texas

No children under 10 years of age.

For the safety of our other guests, no pets allowed
except for trained service dogs.

The Grove is a historic property - no smoking, vaping,
or tobacco products allowed on premises.

Tours are usually held Saturday 2PM, and Sunday 11AM.
There are no weekday tours at this time.

Times occasionally vary due to other events in town,
and tours sometimes fill up, so please call in advance.

Reservations are required for all tours.

The tour lasts about an hour, and is $10 per person.

Please call for tour time and information,
and to make a reservation.

We have wonderful restaurants in Jefferson, but we sometimes lose people to them. If you are dining prior to a tour, we recommend that you ask the waitperson when you first sit down about the projected time for the meal.

When you arrive at The Grove, please park on the street in front of the house - we would appreciated it if you make sure that you're parked directly in front of The Grove, and not our neighbor's house.


Jefferson is a small town, so The Grove isn't hard to find... if you know where you're looking. We're on Moseley Street, which is a little street about three blocks long, and The Grove is in the middle. WARNING: Do not depend on GPS - for some reason, some GPS systems don't work well in Jefferson. I think that it's just that Jefferson is such a small town that no one cares if the maps work or not. More than once we've received a call from someone just before a tour who says, "we're at a car lot out of town... this isn't The Grove, is it???"

Also be aware that both Mapquest and Google Maps show Moseley Street connecting to Highway 59, but it actually doesn't at all. Still, because it's in their database that way, directions on both sites can easily lead you astray.

The Grove is just a few blocks from downtown, on the west side of Line Street, the dividing "line" down the middle of town. The map above should get you to us. It's not to scale, and there are several streets omitted, but it has all the information that you should need. If not, though, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

What the Media is Saying About The Grove

"Shortly after the owners moved into this quaint house in March 2002, inexplicable things began to happen. They felt the sheets being pulled off their bed at night, the dead bolt on the kitchen door locked by itself, and a mirror in the dining room filled with condensation. Once, during a tour of the house, a woman held out a tape recorder and said, 'If there's someone here who has something to say, say it now.' There was no reply - but when the tape was played back, an old man's voice could be heard saying, 'I miss my family.'"
- Texas Monthly Magazine

"Both male and female spirits are said to be present at The Grove, but the one most often seen is the Lady in White..."
- The Marshall News-Messenger

"Things get moved around, and mirrors come off of the wall..."
- The Longview News-Journal

"One of the Top Ten haunted destinations in America!"
- USA Today

"The owners have seen a ghostly man dressed in black that appears in the garden, but won't show himself inside of the house. A lady in a white dress is liable to whisk by you in the study, and if you pause too long in the stairwell, you may feel the presence of a man named Thomas."
- The Jeffersonian

"The Grove is believed to be the most haunted building in Jefferson."
- Lisa Farwell, Haunted Texas Vacations

"The name most often associated with this historic gem, and probably the most apropos, is haunted."
- Robert Wlodarski, A Texas Guide To Haunted Restaurants and Inns

"An 1861 home, The Grove is a popular tour stop, but it has more than just history to offer - it is known as the most haunted house in Texas."
- GMC, The Magazine, Fall 2004

"The Grove, 405 Moseley St., is known as the 'most haunted' house in Jefferson. The home looks like the 'sweetest little cottage' on the outside, but is full of wild ghost tales."
- The Marshall News Messenger, Sunday, August 12, 2007

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We've had visitors from 43 states, and 28 different countries - come join us for a tour of The Grove!

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