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The Grove:
An East Texas Haunting

Ghosts of East Texas
and the Pineywoods

Jefferson: The History & Mystery
of the City on the Bayou

Haunted Jefferson

The Haunts & History
of the Kahn Saloon Hotel

Haunted Tyler
and Beyond...

Diamonds & Death
The True, Tragic Tale of
Diamond Bessie Moore

About a Saltspoonful
Family Recipes from
Jefferson, Texas

Angels of Oakwood
Jefferson's Historic Cemetery

The Light at the Top of the Mountain:
Ghosts in the Bible

23: A Country Preacher, his Grandson,& a Devotional that will Change Your Life

Ghosts of North Texas

Natchez: The History & Mystery
of the City on the Bluff

No Hope: The Story of the
Great Red River Raft

Funeral & Mourning Traditions
of the Old South

Hot Springs: The History & Mystery
of the City of Healing Waters

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