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One of the things about The Grove is that it has a reputation for being haunted. The ghost stories go back through many owners - Miss Louise Young, who lived in the house from the early 1900s until her death in the 1980s used to tell her friends about the "haints" that occupied the house with her. Somewhere along the way, though, the fun little ghost stories took a dark turn. In her later years, she was terrified of the spirits. She had a security light installed in the garden because she would see people outside walking around, who disappeared when she turned on the porch light. She called the police several times a week in her later years to report that someone was in the house with her, but the officers never found anyone else there. Finally, she moved into just a few rooms of the house, letting the rest of the place start to deteriorate.

Long before then, back in 1882, The Grove was sold to a man named T.C. Burke. He moved his family in, and they moved right back out, with the only explanation being that, "They couldn't live in that house!"

The Grove is featured on the cover of "A Texas Guide To Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns" by Robert and Anne Wlodarski. There are also stories about The Grove in the books: "Best Tales of Texas Ghosts" by Docia Schultz Williams, "Haunted Texas Vacations : The Complete Ghostly Guide" by Lisa Farwell, "Haunted Encounters: Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences" from Atriad Press, "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods" by Mitchel Whitington, "A Ghost in My Suitcase: A Guide to Haunted Travel in America" by Mitchel Whitington, and "A Visitor's Guide to Texas" by Connie Sherley.

The Grove ghosts have been described in "Texas Highways" magazine, "GMC Magazine", "The Dallas Morning News", "The Fort Worth Star-Telegram", "The Marshall News Messenger", "The Carthaginian", "The Kilgore News Herald", "The Austin-American Statesman", "Discover Texas" magazine, and probably several more that we haven't heard of yet. If you've seen The Grove written up somewhere else, please send us an e-mail!

Here are a few of the ghost stories from The Grove:

  • When the Grove family owned the property (the name is just a coincidence), Mrs. Grove reportedly brought a Bible to bed with the intention of praying for her and her husband, but she fell asleep. She awakened to a black swirling mass engulfing the bedroom. There were also unexplained voices, disembodied footsteps, sounds of objects being moved by unseen hands, and apparitions.
  • Sudden odors have appeared in rooms: the scent of a woman's perfume, or the smell of body odor, as if someone hasn't bathed for a long time.
  • When Patrick Hopkins, the former owner, was getting the restaurant ready to open, a lady dressed in white walked down the hallway, and into the ladies' powder room.
  • Heavy mirrors have fallen off the wall without explanation, and have landed without breaking or crushing the objects beneath them.
  • During its restaurant years, a waitress walked out of the kitchen into the hallway and was attacked by a black and white dog that knocked her to the ground. After quickly regaining her composure, she ran back into the kitchen, screaming for help. Patrick Hopkins searched the building and yard - there was no dog to be found. It simply had vanished.
  • During a Candlelight Tour, a couple visiting from Dallas took a picture of the Christmas lights on the neighbor's house to the east of The Grove. Their photo showed the Christmas lights in the foreground. In the background was a lady in a high-collared, puff sleeved white dressed surrounded by a ring of smoke.
  • While rehearsing a dinner theater, a light technician was on the front porch looking through the window. Suddenly she felt someone staring at her so she quickly glanced to the right. Standing on the east side of the house by the porch was a lady in white who began walking behind the east side of the house. Chasing the eerie-looking woman, the girl turned the corner of the house, and the woman had vanished. Ironically, at one time there was a door on that side of the house leading into the Blue Room.
  • On that same rehearsal night, the actress portraying the heroine came down the stairs. When she reached the bottom step she glanced to her right and saw a person in costume she was not familiar with, standing in the corner. When she began to ask the lady something, the woman disappeared.
  • Wet footprints have appeared in the middle of the hallway, even though it wasn't raining outside and there were no plumbing leaks. Drops of water have been found on the staircase, and on one particular mirror in the house, all when the atmosphere was dry.
  • A neighbor lady told a former owner, "Let me tell you what my sister and I have seen recently. My sister was standing on our porch one night around 9 o'clock when she called me out to see a glowing white figure across the street. She looked like she was inspecting the renovation of an old building. The figure came from the east side of The Grove!" She and her sister had witnessed this several nights in a row.
  • A renter lived in the garden cottage at one time, and he looked out its window to see a little girl playing out among the flowers. He went outside, and she looked at him, then disappeared.
  • A shadow-figure has been seen in the garden many times - striding quickly across it, or simply just hanging around.
  • Lights go on and off in the house, and the chandeliers have reported to sway, even with the absence of moving air in the room
And if you'd like to read the account of a night spent in The Grove back when it was a restaurant, visit Melodie's "One Haunted Night - A True Story" webpage.

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