Welcome to the City of Jefferson, Texas

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Ah, the City of Jefferson, Texas. A thriving riverport in the 1800's, the town is now a sleepy, delightful little place where a traffic jam means two cars in front of you at the red light, and it's not unusual to pass a horse and buggy or a golf cart as you drive down the street.

You can relax on the steps of a gazebo, read a book under the shade of a 100-year-old oak tree, or take a boat trip down the Big Cypress Bayou. There are many fascinating tour homes, museums that will keep you entertained for hours, restaurants with some of the best cuisine that you'll find anywhere, and if you'd like, you can even dance the night away to a live band.

You'll find over one hundred buildings in Jefferson that have been awarded historical markers, and there are numerous bed and breakfasts, along with two historic hotels. As you walk the streets of town, you will discover art studios, antique shops, and any number of other curious stores to explore, all housed in historic buildings.

You can visit Jefferson a dozen times and never have the same experience - it's a magical place, much like the mysterious city of Brigadoon that appears out of the countryside mist just when you need it. Below are just a few of the things that you'll find...

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Dining in Jefferson

The historic riverport city has many fine restaurants to offer while you're in town, and you can find everything from gourmet sandwiches to scrumptious steaks to fried catfish that will make your mouth water. No matter where you are in town, you're only a few blocks away from delicious food - and for the furthermost restaurant, just a short fifteen minute drive. They're all listed on our restaurant page, so just click here to explore them!

Jefferson Museums

The historic riverport city has several museums for you to explore - from our county's historical museum, to specialty museums such as Museum of Measurement & Time, the Military History Museum, and the Gone With the Wind Museum. They're all listed on our museum page, so just click here to check them out!

Historic Jefferson Churches

There are five churches in the historic district that are still operating, and they are not only beautiful and maintained, you can get all their history and contact information by clicking here to see them all.

Jefferson Tours

The City of Jefferson has a number of tours that you can take to explore all aspects of the city. From historic homes, to the story of the river, to the ghosts of the old riverport town, there is a tour that will appeal to everyone. click on this link to see them all.

Jefferson Events

There seems to be some event going on all the time in Jefferson - from car shows, to historical celebrations, to even a bigfoot conference! You can sample all the town's restaurants' wares at the Taste of Jefferson, catch beads at a Mardi Gras parade, or attend a historical symposium. There is always something to do in historic Jefferson, Texas! Click here to see some of these great events!

Jefferson Parks & Places

There are five different parks in Jefferson, some obvious, a few tucked away. There are also some sights that are worth taking in during your visit. This link takes you to some of the city's wonderful parks and places.!

Ghosts of Jefferson

Jefferson is well-known for its ghost stories - they've been written up in Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, in newspapers and on television programs across the state. Some of the haunted hotels and B&Bs attract visitors from all over - guests hoping to have a fun little encounter with the supernatural, giving them a ghost story to take home, and bragging rights that they've actually had a brush with the other side. Click on this link for some haunted places that you can visit.

A wonderfully relaxing place!

No kidding, Jefferson is the perfect place to get away and relax. There are parks with gazebos, a peaceful atmosphere, and the friendliest people that you'll ever find!

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